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Nightclub Las Vegas

Located deep in the city of Las Vegas, nightclub FreeZone is a super chic and lavishly designed gay nightclub that will not disappoint you. The nightclub is mainly deigned for gay crowds, but everyone is well come. Freezone has the tradition of serving trendy and diverse young groups and is the most preferred gay destination in town. If you like a place to go out and socialize, dance, gamble, drink, meet other men/women this is the place to be.

FreeZone is specially built to accommodate people from all walks of life, with nice looking serving ladies, experienced DJs, pulsating dance floors and all kinds of music. FreeZone offers an airy comfort environment that makes you feel you are accepted. Whatever your needs are this charming nightclub will satisfy you.

With an array of leather soirees, cruising nights, foot-worship fêtes, beer blasts, and simple pool-playing tables, the FreeZone is exceptionally an oasis to anyone seeking the comfort of gay nightclubbing. If you will want to expel some extra night dancing off your heart, the dance floor is optimistic with exclusive lighting that gives that ample touch.

At FreeZone we serve all types of foods and drinks you will prefer, you can either enjoy your drink either while hitting the dance floor or just sit and relaxed the lounge. FreeZone also boasts great talents, as you enjoy drinks you get entertained by young talents, sometimes big celebrity drag queens.

The main attraction to FreeZone in the exclusive way in which we serve our clients. We take pride in ensuring you are as comfortable and satisfied as possible. With regular drinks special and free offers, FreeZone is the place to spend your night.

If you are a visitor in Las Vegas, your visit will not be complete without a night at FreeZone Las Vegas nightclub. If your budget and money allows, spend your time here and experiences what it feels like being in a free world.


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