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Las Vegas Nightlife


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Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas is known as the party capital of the world with the best nightlife. It has become one of the major gay destinations in the US. Gay bars and clubs can be found virtually anywhere in the city. The atmosphere can range from the super laid back to the grungy and the over the top experiences.

FreeZone is one of the best gay bars in town and a cornerstone of the Las Vegas Nightlife. Whilst there are plenty of guys around, the bar has a diverse crowd. It caters to boys who prefer boys and girls who prefer girls and everything in between. It is located in the Fruit Loop District on Paradise Road, close to the Hard Rock Hotel. It is a laid-back and chilled-out Las Vegas space to be in with plenty of entertainment from Karaoke to Drag shows. People come here to have a good time, dance a little sing a little, play pool, darts; hang with friends and meet new people. It is one of the best gay clubs the Las Vegas Nightlife has to offer and is inclusive and does not play into any stereotypes.

The drinks are priced really low, happy hour is the best time to get generously poured drinks at a very cheap price and when it comes to Las Vegas Nightlife, especially on the strip, this is hard to find. There is a wide variety of drinks and fruity, colorful cocktails to suit different tastes and fashions. FreeZone is huge. There is plenty of space to dance, even a couple of poles for sexy go-go dancers to shimmy down. If you get peckish, there is pizza restaurant inside.

Freezone hosts different events each week and they have themed evenings that have proven to be a hit with patrons. No bar in this part of Las Vegas does Drag shows like Freezone. It is absolute mad decadence. Monday is Karaoke night and Wednesday is Cantina Night whilst Tuesday and Thursday is Boys Night. Some nights are more popular than others, some are wilder than others and some are just laid back typical bar nights (as typical as a gay bar can be). Freezone has great drink deals every night. It’s a great fun place to be with plenty of eye candy for everyone. Welcome to the Las Vegas Nightlife.